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Which phone unlock ways do you like best?


Last year, when Apple launched the iPhone X, it literally made everyone sit up and take notice. Particularly the Face ID feature was the talk of the town. The Face ID or simply the Face unlock feature allows one to unlock the phone by just looking it. It wasn’t an innovative technology in the year 2017 but when Apple does something, people do take notice.

Face unlock vs pin vs password vs fingerprint: What’s the best for you?

Anyway, now a few phones come with Face Unlocking feature like the just announced OnePlus 5T, Honor View 10 and the Oppo A83. But this isn’t the only security feature that you get in a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus parts . There is fingerprint system apart from PIN, pattern and the password feature. Face Unlock is currently available on few phones but going forward it is set to become another default feature in most smartphones like the fingerprint, pin and password modes.

So which one of them is the most secure? Let’s talk about them one by one, to find their pros and cons.

Face Unlock: When Apple launched the iPhone X, the Face ID feature was widely tested and talked about. Apple is using this feature to promote its latest phone but the brand was slammed by many users for the numerous flaws of the feature.

A lady even claimed that her 10-year old son managed to unlock her phone using the Face ID technology. A hacker even claimed to have hacked the Face ID technology. It stopped working after iOS 11.2 update too.

Somehow Apple managed to fix all these. But the question is: Have other companies perfected the technology? Does it work in the dark? (Apple and even OnePlus say their tech can but what about others?)

Even if the tech works in the dark, will it be as smooth to use as other security features?

That takes us to the pattern mode and the PIN/password methods. These two features are now available for almost all smartphones. But the basic issue with these is that you may forget these and if you did, unlocking them is a headache after that. Also anyone in your proximity can see the pattern and/or password you are using, defeating the very purpose for which you are using those – to prevent unauthorised access.

So that leaves us with the fingerprint feature which is perhaps the best among all. No one can easily hack this one. You do not have to worry about dark or about the crowd around you.

If you have added multiple fingerprints then unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus spare parts becomes much easier. Ideally, you should add fingerprints of both right and left hands and of the most convenient fingers depending on how you like to hold the phone.

As of now, you need to select a pin or pattern mode additionally to used Face Unlock/fingerprint techs, which is recommended as well. The more security options, the better.